‘The What!’ – Exclusive Look at the Creature in Upcoming Throwback to ’50s Monster Movies

After creating the effects for over 40 iconic films, Bloody Disgusting has learned that Schaffer Studios is now crowd-funding a retro-style monster movie entirely of their own.

Clark Schaffer and Aaron Keck have spent decades creating effects for their company Schaffer Studios, working on films including Iron Man 2, Speed, Daylight, and Black Adam, and up next they’re looking to bring their dream project The What! to life, an homage to the giant monster movies of the 1950s that they’re hoping to film this coming summer.

The film is said to be “told through the hardships, drama, and laughter of one farmer, his family, and their town,” and Bloody Disgusting has been exclusively provided with concept artwork that previews not only the film’s human characters but also its giant monster. The creature looks to be a praying mantis/crab/scorpion hybrid, nailing those throwback vibes.

Check out the exclusive sneak peek imagery below!

Head over to Kickstarter to learn more and pitch in.

Schaffer Studios is a full service VFX company specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication and execution of practical FX sequences, production design, VFX supervision, storyboards and custom art pieces. Included are films from the Star Trek, DC, and Marvel franchises.

Its owner, Clark Schaffer, started his career in Hollywood in the early 90’s where he worked for the major film studios and various VFX houses. After meeting Grant McCune (Star Wars), he was hired on staff as production designer and lead artist. A decade later Schaffer opened his own studio.

Schaffer Studios is one of the few remaining practical FX services and has the reputation of taking original approaches to create realistic, unforgettable scenes. The Studio is sought out for its design and production of miniatures, props, creatures, matte paintings, full-sized and oversized items as well as sets and environments.

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