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“La Jefa”, “El Menchito”, “La Negra”, “El Cuini”, among the arrested relatives of the criminal organization’s leader

The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSCP) reported on the arrests of members of the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation (CJNG), which so far total 32, with the recent arrest of “Tony Montana,” brother of “El Mencho,” the leader of the criminal organization. 

From the heads of the CJNG to family members of “El Mencho,” various security agencies have managed to arrest important members of the CJNG. 

These are the 32 relevant CJNG arrests: 

– Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, “Tony Montana” (brother of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes).

– Jaime René “N”, “Borrego” or “05” (brother of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes)

– Ana Isabel “N” (wife of “Borrego”)

– Rosalinda “N”, “La Jefa” (wife of “El Mencho”) 

– Rubén “N”, “El Menchito” (son of “El Mencho”) 

– Jessica “N”, “La Negra” (daughter of “El Mencho”) 

– Abigael “N”, “El Cuini” (brother-in-law of “El Mencho”) 

– José “N”, “El Chepa” (brother-in-law of “El Mencho”) 

– Arnulfo “N”

– Ulises “N” Ulises “N” 

– Adrián “N”, “El 08” Adrián “N”, “El 08” Adrián “N”, “El 08

– Erick “N”, “El Titino” (El Titino)

– Juan “N”, “El Árabe” (Juan “N”, “The Arab”)

– Armando “N”, “Panther” Armando “N”, “Panther” Armando “N”, “Panther

– Jesús Marcelo “N”, “El Tartamudo” (The Stutterer)

– Carlos “N”, “El Chicken” Carlos “N”, “El Chicken

– Félix “N”, “Garrobo” (Garrobo)

– Edgar “N”, “Chato” Edgar “N”, “Chato” Edgar “N”, “Chato” Edgar “N”, “Chato

– Armando “N”, “Delta 1” Armando “N”, “Delta 1” Armando “N”, “Delta “N”, “Delta 1 

– Rubén “N”, “Ingeniero” Rubén “N”, “Ingeniero

– Agustín “N”, “Guty” Agustín “N”, “Guty” Agustín “N”, “Guty

– Benjamín “N” “La Pantera” Benjamín “N” “La Pantera” Héctor “N”, “La Pantera

– Hector “N”, “Paisa” Hector “N”, “Paisa” Fernando “N”, “Hormiga 

– Fernando “N”, “Hormiga” (Ant)

– Carlos “N”, “Don Carlos” Carlos “N”, “Don Carlos

– Efrén “N”, “Fantasma” (Ghost)

– Heleno “N”, “El 20” 

– Cristian “N”, “El Zorro” (Cristian “N”, “El Zorro”)

– Erick “N”, “El 85” 

– Gustavo “N”, “El Gato” 

– Gustavo Abigail “N”, “El Pino” Gustavo Abigail “N”, “El Pino” César Augusto “N”, “El Pino

– Cesar Augusto “N”, “El Gafe” Cesar Augusto “N”, “El Gafe” Cesar Augusto “N”, “El Gafe


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