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I was a child in the early 2000s which means I was the prime target for a little toy line from LEGO called Bionicle. I absolutely loved these guys! I remember when my best friend got a couple and we played with them, I was hooked. I had to get some. I eventually got Lewa and later on Gali Nuva and more. They were incredible toys that led to a lot of imagination from me and my friends. We even made little home movies using our Bionicle toys. It was fantastic. Sadly, LEGO doesn’t make them anymore.

The other day, I ran across a video that caught my eye. The video was made by JettKuso and gives a little history of Bionicle that covers roughly the first year of its life. The video truly brought me back. I remember hearing about the Happy Meal prizes and wishing that my parents would take me to a McDonalds.

I remember circling the monsters and other characters in toy catalogs hoping someone would buy them for me. I also remember playing the crap out of the web game that is featured throughout. This brought me back and I loved it. I also appreciated how he talked about how crazy good the materials were for the toys.

What are your favorite moments about Bionicle? Who were your favorite characters?

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