Top 10 Rebellious Cats Who Deserve to be Crowned the Biggest Jerk of 2022

Cats can be little jerks sometimes. No matter how much you love them, pet them, feed them treats, or give them space in your warm bed, they’ll wake up at 3AM at some point and drop a decorative ceramic mug on your head. At some point, every good kitty will snap and their rebellious nature will take over. There is no time like the holiday season for a psy-CAT-ic break, either. These soft-toed villains have waited all year for you to bring out all of the breakable decorations and for you to be too tuckered out from yule tide cheer to keep an eye on their mischief. Once the inner rebel is set free, no cat can be stopped. Hoomans everywhere will rue the day they decided to proactively get a ceiling hanging tree, because those mischievous bastards will find a way up there to permanently destroy the magical Christmas season— and your drywall finish.

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