Tory Lanez found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez has been found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, a jury decided unanimously on Friday (December 23).

The verdict ended a nine-day trial in a Los Angeles courtroom, where the latter rapper (whose real name is Megan Pete) remained staunch in arguing that Lanez (aka Daystar Peterson) shot her in both feet during an altercation in the early hours of July 12, 2020. 

Peterson was found guilty of all three charges pegged against him: one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm; one count of carrying a concealed, loaded, and unregistered firearm in a vehicle; and one charge of discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

According to Rolling Stone, the verdict led to a tense moment in the courtroom, with Peterson’s father, Sonstar, being forcibly removed after shouting at the prosecutors: “You two, you are wicked, you are evil.” Peterson will reportedly be sentenced on Friday January 27; he faces more than 20 years in prison and the possibility of deportation (he is a Canadian citizen).

Pete’s attorney, Alex Spiro, commented that the sitting jury “got it right”, and that he’s “thankful there is justice for Meg”. 

The sentiment was echoed by district attorney George Gascón, who said: “I want to start by highlighting the bravery of Megan. You showed incredible courage and vulnerability with your testimony despite repeated and grotesque attacks that you did not deserve. You faced unjust and despicable scrutiny that no woman should ever face and you have been an inspiration to others across LA County and the nation.”

Peterson had long denied that he shot Pete after a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s house, but during the two-week trial, refused to testify in his own defence. Pete herself delivered an emotional three-hour testimony, during which she described feeling depressed about having to relive the “torture” of the altercation throughout her pursuit for justice.

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