Twitter Users Post Pictures Of Their Cats Making Some Ridiculously Weird Faces And We Are Here For It

Hey there cat lovers! Over here at I Can Has Cheezburger? we keep things good and feline, that’s just who we are. There will never come a day where weill sit and think to ourselves ‘hmm should probably take it easy on the feline goodness today.’ Absolutely not. We love all things feline and we are proud of it. That’s why when we came across this delightful twitter thread in which Twitter users were told to post their cats’ weirdest faces, we dove right in and had to check out all of the funny weird faced cat goodness.

We have got to say, we have seen cats make some weird faces / facial expressions, but the ones featured in this twitter thread are impressively strange. The twitter users who contributed to this pawesome thread completely lived up to the challenge that was provided for them, and we are here for every single second of it. Enjoy these hilariously weird cat tweets, y’all!  

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