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Things are really heating up with the pre-production of Reel Horror’s first short film WITCH TRAIL with the casting of two more cast members.

Reel Horror are currently running a Indiegogo crowdfunder campaign to raise funds for their first short film WITCH TRIAL and has so far have announced that Ayvianna Snow (Black Lake, Hollow) will be joining the film in the lead role of Isobel Gowdie.

Now two more cast members have been announced and they are Dean Kilbey as The Priest and Martin W Payne.


Reel Horror had this to say about Dean Kilbey coming on to the film:


Dean is the perfect casting for the role of ‘The Priest’. He has gone from ‘ManFish’ to join us as man of the cloth! Dean brings his wealth of experience to the role and we are incredibly excited to have him on board and joining us at Reel Horror



And Reel Horror had this to say about Martin W Payne joining the cast of the film:


We are very excited to welcome indie horror favourite Martin W Payne to the cast of Witch Trial. Martin is at the forefront of grassroots horror filmmaking in the UK both in front of and behind the camera. His knowledge and experience, as well as ability to play one hell of a mean bastard, will be invaluable on set. We can’t wait to get on set with him!


Eve Oliver and Anna Dixon are both co-directing/producing WITCH TRIAL and other crew members previously announced are Simon Lawrence Moore as Historical Advisor, MYCHO head honcho MJ Dixon as creative consultant and cinematographer and Moray Binfield as sound and camera assistant.


‘Witch Trial’ is based on the true story of Isobel Gowdie, a Scottish woman who made strange and fantastical confessions of witchcraft. It’s not known why she made these confessions or what ultimately happened to her, but many other young women were implicated as part of her story. The film is set against the backdrop of 1600s England and Scotland, after Cromwell and the civil wars and during the restoration whilst Charles II is King. We will be keeping true to the period in terms of locations, costumes and dialogue so that we can tell Isobel’s story as faithfully as possible whilst giving it some horror movie twists and turns. We’ve taken inspiration from, amongst other things, the VVitch, Suicide Squad and Evil Dead in crafting the story and its terrifying conclusion.

The project is currently raising funds of £5,000 via an Indiegogo crowdfunder and as of writing are 38% into their goal. There are plenty of perks still up for grabs from as little as £5 and remember if you can’t support via funding then a simple share with your friends and family goes a long way to getting this project in front of many eyes.


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