Welcome to Cat Weight Loss Tok: The Most Motivational Online Community for Any Cat Person Trying to Lose Weight

Dieting is not fun, if you say it is you are absolutely out of your mind. Even cats hate it. Yes, you feel better when you’re eating healthy. But having to eat less when you’re used to eat more is torture. But if you’re a cat person and you’re trying to lose weight, boy did we find the most inspirational and motivational online community for you to follow: Cat Weight Loss TikTok! It’s funny, you would never really think a cat dieting could be inspirational, and yet here we are. These chonkers are not only frigging adorable in any size, they are working their little toe beans off to get to a healthy weight so they can enjoy life even more. And if you’re struggling to lose that little bit of weight your doctor recommended, that’s ok. Everyone struggles while they’re dieting, even your cat. But these fat cats tell you that it IS possible and you can feel good and cute the entire time you’re dieting. 

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