What You Should Do With Bad Artifacts

Searching for the perfect artifact in Genshin Impact is hard and will likely also result in bad pieces but, they are not completely useless.

It is all too common for Genshin Impact players to obtain artifact pieces with bad stats while farming for the appropriate ones for their respective characters. These pieces are not completely worthless, however, and can be put to good use. Artifacts play a huge role in HoYoverse’s RPG and players looking to increase their heroes’ potential need to look at them, beyond mere character and talent levels. The items increase the equipping character’s multiple stats and are able to make them more powerful or resistant, while improving a few specific skills, depending on the chosen set.


The big issue though is Genshin Impact has a problem with artifact grinding. While completing domains in search of 5-star artifacts, they’re not only not guaranteed but, also have randomized stats and sub-stats. While the Flower and Feather pieces in any set offer a fixed stat boost for HP and ATK, respectively, all other ones are randomized, so getting a specific Anemo DMG Bonus stat Goblet with Crit Rate, ATK%, and Energy Recharge for Xiao, for instance, can be a waking nightmare. The whole process can frustrate players because artifacts have their sub-stats unlocked as the item level increases, so a seemingly perfect artifact can be ruined by a very bad randomized sub-stat unlock or level.

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Genshin Impact Players Can Still Use Bad Artifacts

An image of Desert Pavilion Chronicle's flower to the left and Flower of Paradise Lost's flower to the right, while Sumeru's desert is in the background.

Players looking for Wanderer’s best build in Genshin Impact, for example, can find themselves in quite the conundrum while farming the appropriate pieces but, the bad artifacts acquired are not completely useless. In fact, these can be used in a few ways. A fairly unpopular and temporary one is setting them as placeholders on characters. While not offering the best stats, the items, when combined, can still grant meaningful set bonuses for any player who ran out of resin and wants to use a hero that is still a work in progress.

The Best Use for Bad Artifacts in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's Traveler stands in front of a domain with multiple artifact pieces surrounding her.

The other and more meaningful option is holding on to the bad ones and using them as leveling materials for the pieces with correct stats. Once an item that reaches a player’s initial criteria has been obtained for Arataki Itto’s best build in Genshin Impact, for instance, they should use the bad artifacts to fuel the level on the good one. Of course, this is not a guarantee that the sub-stats unlocked will be necessarily good, so the process may have to be started over again.

The good news, nonetheless, is that highly leveled bad artifact pieces grant an almost equivalent high level of experience for the artifact that is being leveled in Genshin Impact. This can be an arduous problem for players, even more than withstanding the ruthless 50/50 odds while trying their luck in the gacha system. The character banners in Genshin Impact 3.3 are currently bringing back the Geo powerhouse Arataki Itto and the recently introduced Anemo DPS Wanderer, so if a player actually beats the 50/50 and pulls them, they might be in for the long haul while farming their artifacts.

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