WillieFromTheDrive is set to release new album ‘Lose Until You Win’

Long Island rising act WillieFromTheDrive is set to release new album Lose Until You Win, rooted in a soulful instrumentation and lyrical prowess delving into the adversities of his own life.

The upcoming collection which balances powerful anthems with quiet, emotive moments, builds off the success of his evolving rap artistry, framed by messages about resilience and hope.

With a successful debut EP behind him, this rising act who has established a trademark of catchy yet raw musicality, pulling upon the solace music provided him from his own struggles in life to uplift others as well.

Setting himself up as a hip-hop act who uses his heartfelt yet infectious craft to remind us to pick ourselves back up in life to overcome anything that comes their way, leaving us with the positive message that life does get better – with the forthcoming project sure to drive his impactful message further.

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