Woman Sends Note with Neighborhood Cat Who Visits Hear Daily, Sparks Up Absolute Adorable & Wholesome Correspondence

TikToker Jaz aka @atargatisfairy has lived at her house for almost 30 years. She recently moved in with her partner, but a prior to her departure from her longtime home, she started getting a daily four-legged visitor. This distinguished gentleman obviously had a home to go to every night. He seemed well feed, well groomed, had a collar, and was very well-behaved when coming to play with her cats. So she thought it would be cute to write a little note, stick it in his collar, and send him on his way. The note introduced herself and let the cat’s human family know what he’s been up to while he’s out of their house during the day. 


After a few days she gave up hope, but eventually found a handwritten letter in her mailbox. It turns out the owner of this kitty were the children of a family down the street. The cat’s name is Rex and is very much loved. The children loved getting to read what their Rex is always up to during the day, so the TikToker started to write a little summary of Rex’s adventures to send back to the children—like a on-going story. 


Part 1


The TikToker even sent photos of Rex back to his family to show some proof of the fun times he has every day at her house. She even posted an update video of Rex visiting on a day she couldn’t allow him indoors and he just stood outside her windows pouting. It was adorable. Unfortunately, the TikToker was getting ready to move, so she was bummed that after all these years of living in this house, she only just started to get this cute fuzzy little visitor. 


Part 2:


The children and parents of the children loved the correspondence and will definitely miss it once the TikToker moves. One commenter said, “I feel like he’s coming over to get some peace and quiet away from the little ones, haha.” And another said, “Omg I can’t wait for the first episode of Rex’s adventures!” 


Viewers are begging for her to share some of the adventures she wrote about Rex that she sent back to the children. Maybe Rex could be the next star of a hit children’s book—“Rex the Adventurous Kitty” or something like that. 


Part 3:

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