You Can Watch ‘Halloween 5’ at the Actual Myers House in Salt Lake City This Summer!

Kenny Caperton’s “On Set Cinema” is an ongoing film series that presents movie screenings of cult favorites and horror classics at their actual filming locations, and one of this year’s events will be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah. The “On Set Cinema” team is hosting a special screening, tour and overnight stays at the actual Myers House from Halloween 5!

The event will be taking place on Friday, August 25, 2023. “This is the first time fans have ever had the opportunity to visit this house!” Caperton tells Bloody Disgusting.

This is the location where Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) and Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris) face-off with Michael Myers during the movie’s climatic ending.“Fans will get a complete guided tour of the property grounds, as well as a look inside the house – you’ll be able to see where Loomis confronts Michael Myers on the staircase and gets slashed, stand exactly where Loomis uses Jamie as bait and traps Michael in the chain net, stare up at the turret where Michael hangs Deputy Charlie from the window and MORE!”Kenny teases, “There will be Halloween music playing, trick-or-treat candy, the property/house tour and an outdoor screening of Halloween 5 in the front yard! The property is small so tickets to this event are VERY LIMITED. Don’t miss out!

“And if that’s not enough for you, 7 fans have the incredible opportunity to spend the night inside the house for the ultimate experience! There will be pizza, drinks, board games and of course a HORRORTHON with more movies playing late into the night!”

Grab tickets and learn more over on the event’s official website!

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