YPC Bando Baby is taking a huge “Splash”

Emerging Greenwood, MS artist YPC Bando Baby started his music career at the age of 6 and released two singles “Bando Baby” and “Racks on Me”, which have become his signature tunes. Now, four years later, the young artist is now back with another jam titled “Splash” which showcases his uncanny ability to rhyme like his older peers in the trap subgenre of hip-hop. The track exudes the quintessential 808-driven trap aesthetic that is the norm in this new age. From the dark and atmospheric textures and downtempo punchy drums, YPC delivers a catchy auto-tuned performance ripe with vivid lyrics that I think should be recited by someone way older.

Lines like  “Catch me in track had to slow it down Sskrrr/ That hoe too fast for me/ Five hundred dollars for sho oh no That just too low/ I’m ridin round I’m gettin it I just want my doe” have me feeling like this kid is doing a bit too much- but to be honest it’s funny, cute and a bit troubling.

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